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36th TTA Championships

Well done to the TTA Leeds members who attended the 36th TTA Championships in Glasgow this weekend. A big thank to you GM Loh and his team for arranging this fantastic event and for his continued support and feedback. A brilliant performance by all our students resulting in 4 gold medals, 4 silver medals and 4 bronze medals and winning the team trophy!! This resulted in us being placed 2nd on the leader board, an achievement of which we are extremely proud. A special mention to our new students competing for the first time; Miranda, Bridget, John and Rory. Also a big thank you to our coaches and parents without whose support such achievements would not be possible.
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TTA Leeds Grading

Congratulations Well done to all the TTA Leeds students who were graded on the 10th November. Excellent results with 4 Grade A’s. A big thank you to GM Loh for his advice and guidance on how we can all improve our practice and understanding of Taekwondo as we move forward.
TTA Leeds Grading

Say hello to the new Black Belts

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Congratulations to our newest Black Belt and Poom (junior black belt) Grades! Well earned and deserved; Paola Loubli 1st Dan, Daniel Tsang and Yasmin Mazori Poom Grades. The black belt team is growing as we encourage more of our juniors to continue their journey. With the support of a team that is encouraging, supportive and a little bossy sometimes, we are sure we will continue to add to our team and grow together.