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News and Events

Saturday 15th September, 2018 by tta

TTA Leeds Grading

Congratulations Well done to all the TTA Leeds students who were graded on the 10th November. Excellent results with 4 Grade A’s. A big thank you to GM Loh for his advice and guidance on how we can all improve our practice and understanding of Taekwondo as we move forward.
TTA Leeds Grading

Thursday 20th December, 2012 by tta

Training in 2013

The first training of 2013 will be held on Tuesday 8th January. For those of you who are not attending the final training of this year, have a great holiday and see you all next year!

Thursday 20th September, 2012 by tta

TTA Leeds welcomes back University students

Welcome to Leeds ! Come to our introductory Taekwondo classes in late September/early October. Dates to be confirmed, but new members are of course welcome at any time.

Monday 20th August, 2012 by tta

Congratulations to all students that passed the August 2012 Grading!

Thursday 5th July, 2012 by tta

TTA Leeds are going to watch the London Olympics!

The club has been fortunate enough to get 6 tickets to go and see olympic taekwondo at the London 2012 Olympic Games. These will be distributed to club members via a random draw or raffle, more details will follow. Interest can be registered in class.

The tickets are all for the event on Friday 10th August 2012, beginning at 8pm. This is the “TK009″ session (see the link below), which is the Mens -80kg and Womens -67kg gold medal and bronze medal matches. Thus there is potential home interest as GB has chosen to use host nation automatic entry in both of these categories! Even without home nation interest, this is a great opportunity to see top level WTF sparring.