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Wednesday 7th May, 2014 by tta

Scottish Sparring Course

IMAG0485Four members of TTA Leeds attended a very hard but rewarding sparring course in Glasgow on the 6th April 2014. They will reap the rewards from working on their speed, strength and technical skills by greatly improving their taekwondo. Keep up the good work!

Saturday 22nd February, 2014 by tta

Leeds Grading 2014 No 1

Saturday 15th February 2014, Wrangthorn Church Hall, Leeds.

Congratulations to those students who passed their grading on Saturday 15th February 2014! Grandmaster T.K. Loh (9th Dan) travelled to Leeds for this years grading and sparring course and assessed everyone to make sure we are maintaining the high standards required by the TTA. This time around we were pleased to also have a TTA Derby student grading with us. Congratulations to Aaron and Rasi who both kept up their momentum with excellent Grade A performances, as did Katie on her first grading.
Especially well done to those hardy few who stayed for the sparring course and trained for the rest of the day as well…keep up the good work!

Dawid Polczynski -  promoted to 3rd Kup
Steve West -  promoted to 6th Kup
Joonsuh Kim -  promoted to 6th Kup
Aaron Danker -  promoted to 8th Kup (Grade A)
Rasi Mizori -  promoted to 8th Kup (Grade A)
Katie Machin -  promoted to 9th Kup (Grade A)
Wednesday 4th December, 2013 by tta

TTA Leeds Grading 2013 No 4

Saturday 30th November 2013, Wrangthorn Church Hall, Leeds.

Grandmaster T.K. Loh (9th Dan) travelled to Leeds in order to assess the progression of our students for the final time this year, checking that the club and students are keeping the high standards required. We were also pleased to host two students from TTA St Helens who joined our grading.

Congratulations are in order for the 9 TTA Leeds students who successfully passed their grading:

Christoforos Tsiaousis - 3rd Kup
Dawid Polczynski - 4th Kup
Johnny Lima - 5th Kup
Steve West, Joonsuh Kim - 7th Kup
Talvinder and Ranjana Penaser - 8th Kup
Aaron Danker and Rasi Mizori - 9th Kup (Both ‘Grade A’)

Well done to the two new members of TTA Leeds who passed the first test of their skills with flying colours! For everybody else, keep up the hard work and keep improving!

Saturday 9th November, 2013 by tta

31st TTA Individual Championships


October 27, 2013, Time Capsule, Glasgow.

Well done to everyone who competed at the TTA Individual Championships this weekend!

Great results for the club, as follows:

Teboho Letima  – Gold for Poomsae and Bronze in Sparring

Steve West – Bronze in Sparring

Johnny Luna – Silver in Sparring

Llewellyn Godfrey – Silver for Poomsae.

Thanks to Dawid Polczynsk for coaching and driving.

Also well done to all the officials from Leeds – Jonathan Blockley, John Ikoro, Llewellyn Godfrey.


Mr Ikoro

Sunday 1st September, 2013 by tta

TTA Leeds 2013 Grading No.3

TTA Leeds grading 3 resultsSaturday 24th August 2013

Wrangthorn Church Hall

Grading success has been achieved by four TTA Leeds students, examined by Grandmaster Loh (9th Dan).

• Talvinder Penaser – 9th Kup ‘Grade A’

• Ranjana Penaser – 9th Kup ‘Grade A’

• Steve West – 8th Kup

• Mike Norrington – 2nd Kup

Grandmaster Loh then proceeded to give students a lesson in some of the updated poomsae techniques following his recent time spent in Korea.

Congratulations to all students and instructors involved! Now we must train hard and prepare for the next grading in November.