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Wednesday 27th February, 2013 by tta

30th TTA Individual Championships

28th October 2012, Time Capsule, Glasgow.
The 30th TTA Individual Championships was held at Time Capsule in Glasgow.

From 10 competitors TTA Leeds came away with 2 gold, 5 silver and 6 bronze medals! Everyone from Leeds participated in both Poomsae (patterns) and Kyorugi (sparring) competitions. Mr John Ikoro managed to medal in the Poomsae competition and carry out his duties as a referee in the ring for the sparring competition. At the end of the competition the crowd was treated to a special display of poomsae from a competitor who has recently competed at international competitions.


Justyna Gajewska – Gold, Ladies Blackbelt 2nd Dan Poomsae
John Ikoro – Gold, Mens Black belt 2nd Dan Poomsae

Teboho Letima – Bronze, Children’s 1st Kup Poomsae
Adam Haq – Bronze, Junior Black Belt 1st Poom Poomsae
Rina Adhikary – Bronze, Ladies Black Belt 2nd Dan Poomsae
Llewelyn Godfrey – Bronze, Mens Black Belt 1st Dan Poomsae

In particular all the new Leeds Poom grades performed well whether they medalled or not, especially as they had only just been promoted in September 2012!


Adam Haq – Juniors under 55kg
Nimra Haq – Silver, Juniors under 53kg
Alexander Bliznuik – Silver, Childrens under 36kg
Teboho Letima – Silver, Childrens under 23kg
Justyna Gajewska – Silver, Ladies under 73kg
Rina Adhikary – Bronze, Ladies under 53kg
Mai Omi – Ladies Under 57kg
Llewellyn Godfrey – Silver, Mens under 54kg Black belt
Jonathan Blockley – Silver, Mens under 68 kg Black Belt
Alicia Jimenez – Bronze, Ladies under 67kg

Overall this was a great performance from the Leeds club as we continue to gain strength in competitive Taekwondo – I hope this can continue into the team event in April next year.
Competitions are very hectic and there is a lot of pressure on the day, so everyone pulled together to coach players and make the day successful.

Special thanks to:
Rina, John and Mr and Mrs Haq for driving
Alicia for arranging accommodation


by tta

Black belt grading results

Date: Sunday 30th September 2012

On Sunday 30th September, six members of the TTA Leeds club travelled to the black belt grading in Glasgow to be graded by Grandmaster T.K. Loh. The grading is extremely tough and tests every aspect of a student’s taekwondo.

Three students have achieved their Poom grade – a junior black belt in taekwondo.
This was the first time for any of our juniors at a black belt grading, so congratulations to the very first Poom grades at TTA Leeds!

Adam Haq promoted to 1st Poom
Nimra Haq promoted to 1st Poom
Aleksander Bliznuik promoted to 1st Poom

These successful juniors were all considered to represent the same good standard, so keep up the good work in the future!

There were also hard earned promotions for three Leeds club black belts who consistently practise high levels of taekwondo. Composing the second ever set of 2nd Dan students to emerge from the Leeds TTA club; this is a great achievement for the successful three:

Justyna Gajewska promoted to 2nd Dan
Mai Omi promoted to 2nd Dan
Rina Adhikary promoted to 2nd Dan

Many congratulations to all the successful candidates, keep training hard!

Thursday 20th December, 2012 by tta

Training in 2013

The first training of 2013 will be held on Tuesday 8th January. For those of you who are not attending the final training of this year, have a great holiday and see you all next year!

Thursday 20th September, 2012 by tta

TTA Leeds welcomes back University students

Welcome to Leeds ! Come to our introductory Taekwondo classes in late September/early October. Dates to be confirmed, but new members are of course welcome at any time.

Monday 20th August, 2012 by tta

Congratulations to all students that passed the August 2012 Grading!